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Frequent asked questions:

Q: When should I expect to receive my wig?

A: If wig is shipped via standard airmail, official timeframe is 7-30 days, but we are not able to guarantee its delivery time as the delivery time may vary depending on postal facilities and other issues(weather or custom standard check for example). To have faster shipping method, EMS can be used, it costs 10$ more than the standard airmail and its official deliver time is 5-10 days depending on location, but we are not able to guarantee its delivery date, therefore we do not guarantee its shipping time. DHL is a third choice, which costs 20$ more as the standard airmail service, it is faster than EMS.


Standard airmail: 10$ for first wig 

EMS: 20$ for first wig (to the standard airmail rate 10$ are added)

DHL: 30$ for first wig (to the standard airmail rate 20$ are added)

Q: do you ship internationally?

A: yes, we do ship worldwide, but there are some countries that are reached from EMS service or have a different table rate, for these countries DHL or another shipping method is required, to inquire about the shipping rates, please contact us directly at custom@fashioncos.com.

The following countries are reached by EMS and use the table rate displayed on items: USA,Canada,UK,Germany,France and part of european countries and asian countries.

Q: Can I cancel an order after having paid for it?

A: Yes,no fee is applied if order is cancelled within 24 hours, after that you may ask for the order to be cancelled, but 20% of the paid amount will not be refunded.

Q: The costume I received does not fit, what should I do ?

A: Please contact us as soon as possible, with pictures of a tape on the chest-waist-hip height and we will try to solve the problem together.

Q: I haven't received any tracking number, what should I do?

A: Tracking numbers are sent individually via mail, if you have not received yours, please send us an email with the number of your order, the date of purchase, your customer ID and we will reply you with the tracking number.

Q: I sent an email some time ago, I haven't received a reply yet.

A: Please allow 24-48 hours for us to reply and if in some days you still haven't received any reply, please resend the email, it happens that we may have skipped your message or forgot about it, sorry!

Q: I would like to have a costume done, but you don't have it in your store.

A: You may send us pictures of the costume and we will be giving you a quote, you may then decide wether or not to commission it.

If your question was not between these, please send us an email at custom@fashioncos.com and we will reply as soon as we can. Have a nice day! -FashionCos.